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  1. Hi Students so with the lesson 2, I realized that during the editing and posting of the lesson here the definition and explanation of topic “Saddle or Single Section Stitching was cut off, sorry for the inconvenience. So let’s take the definition of
    ”Saddle or Single Section Stitching”
    This binding technique employs stitching to hold the loose sheets together with the cover which are folded into folios. The stitching is done at the middle section of the book after holes have been created. It is the simplest and inexpensive technique of binding. It is used for the production of exercise books, catalogues, bulletins, booklets, pamphlets, jotters etc. It ensures easy reading since the sheets open flat but the disadvantage is that when one sheet is torn, it affects the remaining sheets.
    Let’s take note of this Students. Thank you.

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