The back view of the system unit

The back view of the system unit contains several ports which can be used to connect other peripheral phrases. These holes /pins/slots are known as ports. Some of these ports includes Power port USB ports Serial ports Keyboard and mouse ports Monitor VGA ports among may others as shown in the picture below

Front view of a system unit

You use the front of the console to interact with the computer system directly. The front side of the computer usually made up of the power button CD/DVD rom USB ports Floppy disk drive Microphone and headset ports Below is a picture showing the typical parts of the front view of a computer system unit […]

What is a system unit?

What is a system unit? A system unit is the part of a computer that is responsible for the processing of data into useful information System unit is Box-like case that houses the electronic components of the computer used to process data. System Unit is the core of a computer system It is sometimes referred […]

Computer Hardware

In our previous lessons, we learnt that the components of a computer system can be grouped into four: Hardware, Software, Liveware/user and procedures. In today’s lesson we shall look at computer hardware. A computer hardware refers to the physical or the tangible components of a computer that can be touched and felt. All peripheral devices […]